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NEW-SKIN Botanicals Liquid Bandage Drug, Sting & Alcohol Free Bandage


Provides instant antiseptic treatment for hard to cover cuts, wounds, scrapes, calluses and dry, cracked skin by creating a rapid drying, tough protective barrier while allowing skin to breathe

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NEW-SKIN Botanicals Liquid Bandage Drug, Sting & Alcohol Free Bandage 0.3 Ounce

Protect minor cuts and scrapes easily with New-Skin Botanicals Liquid Bandage. This waterproof bandage forms a protective barrier to help seal and protect hard-to-reach scrapes and cuts where adhesive bandages don’t work. Enriched with aloe, chamomile and lavender, this wound dressing helps to heal cuts. This wound seal and burn dressing is a drug free, sting-free and alcohol free addition to your first aid supplies for a gentle way to help protect and heal. Simply clean the affected area and apply a small amount of skin protectant with the applicator brush for an effective finger bandage, foot bandage or blister bandage. Let it dry. It works where bandages can’t. In addition to Botanicals Liquid Skin Bandage, New-Skin offers a number of skin care products including New-Skin Sensitive, New-Skin All-In-One and New-Skin Scar Fade.


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